As a woman and a mum, I wondered to myself recently: how old will I be when I can buy/make a beautiful lounge and not only be able to have a practical lounge?

I am an upholsterer, that is pretty clear, but have you ever wondered what lounge an upholsterer has? When I was pregnant with our first child, I rushed to purchase a lounge. We have had  it now for 5 years, and it is not what I dreamt of that’s for sure. It is too soft and it creaks when you sit down. The fabric is wearing ok and it is a dark textured weave with a light fleck through it, so it could be worse. If I had my time again, I wondered, would I do the same again? as it was a short-term solution. When we buy our next lounge however, I will do it very differently.

So when would you say is the best time to invest in good quality furniture?

My short answer? As soon as you can. The idea being, that recovery of any piece of furniture is worth doing when the lounge has a quality wooden frame and cushions. Furniture like this holds its value and will be not only be a beautiful and functional piece of furniture now, but also well into the future.

How do I know it is good quality?

The only way to be sure is to see it, from the inside.  No retailer will let you do this. So we are always purchasing sight unseen.

Something quality would start at a certain price bracket, but how do you know what you get? It would be next to impossible unless you were purchasing off the one who manufactures it, which we rarely get to do these days.

Is there another option?


This is where we come in. Did you know it is possible to build a custom lounge based on a picture you like from pinterest? We can build the frame, the cushions, and work with you on the exact design right down to the support in the lumbar cushions. In fact, you could even try sitting on  it before the fabric is put on. This would allow small modifications in sizing and comfort before it is finished. Lastly, choosing the fabric you like to finish the whole piece off is icing on the cake.

So what would your dream lounge look like? Get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas.


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