What are you sitting on? Do you know what is inside it? It looks fab from the outside and you may have paid a pretty penny for it, but do you really know how well it was made? I was recently browsing at leading furniture retailer, when after a couple of questions to the salesperson, it became very apparent that they didn’t know what was inside either.

Under the covers is important. I would prefer to have a solid foundation and support system in my furniture and basic coverings, than buy a lounge that looks good momentarily then sags because the insides are budget.

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It is probably a boring point of view, but I like doing upholstery the right way. It costs more and you don’t see it, but the inside is what provides the comfort that lasts year in and year out. Can you put a price on comfort? Can you expect a $600 lounge to be comfortable in six months even?

Some of the furniture I have recovered from a different era, stamped their name on the furniture they made and sold, so that everyone would know who made it. I figure if someone is proud of it, they are willing to put their name on it. I am not talking about imports here, this does not apply to anything they are willing to replace with another new lounge because it is cheaper than sending it back.

The best thing about doing it myself or having a piece of furniture reupholstered, is that you thenĀ  know what is under the covers and it is reassuring to know that it is done right and will last into the years ahead.


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