As an upholsterer, I often get asked, what are some of the strangest things I have found in a lounge? I have two strong memories from my apprentice days. As an apprentice, stripping furniture is definitely the job you do the most and I quite enjoyed that demolishing stage of the recovery. We would see our fair share of quirky items, quite commonly knitting needles and crotchet hooks.

I was baffled, however, when I found nine pairs of nail scissors in the one small armchair.  As the owner of this chair, surely they would have wondered if there was a nail scissor gremlin that kept snatching their scissors? I would have throw in the towel and let the nails grow!

But the item that really captured my imagination was in a club lounge with lovely wide arms. As I was unpicking the outside arm, I pulled out what looked to be a rag, but it kept coming and kept coming. On closer inspection, it appeared that the rag was infact a pair of old white pants with the button up flap at the front/back. Now, I am no historian, but they were old, and they had been stuffed, purposefully into the arm of this lounge.  Club lounges are infamous for swallowing up loose objects, but this was extreme.

Scenario 1
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I wondered what scenario involved a man or woman to stuff a pair of pants down the side of their lounge, as these would not simply fall down the gap. I will leave that up to your imagination! as I guess we will never know.


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