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Some of you may have known me from my beginnings in teaching upholstery, some of you may not be all that aware of how I got into what I do. How did I know I was going to love upholstery? I didn’t.

It was as simple as having a break from uni. I was perusing the job listings, but instead of viewing cafe work or retail jobs. I was looking in the trade section. I wanted to do something more hands on. There were the usual suspects, like plumbing and electrical. When I stumbled on upholstery, this won me and the reason is fabric.

I love fabric.

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In particular, all fabric (almost). I have a love of natural fibres and like most things in this day and age, they don’t make them like they used to. So when on maternity leave I started to stockpile vintage linen and wool. Not all of it will be used as some of it is too good! But some of it has made its way onto furniture I have restored.

Vintage fabric is cost effective for a one off impact piece of furniture or for soft furnishings. The quality of printing is unbeatable. It also tells a story like no other new product can. It has withstood the test of time and is still relevant.

So if you are looking for some inspiration, it may take time, but op shops or garage sales will become your best friends.  WARNING It may become addictive!

So you ask, how do I know if it is suitable or if it will look any good?

If you are making it for yourself, you need only ask yourself, do I love it? If the answer is yes. You win. As time passes, what you make from it will say something about you. About how you are prepared to reuse and that you don’t subscribe to the common path.

Fabric will speak for you.

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