Lampshade making workshop Sun 11th July


Participating in this workshop will be a fun and collaborative workshop, as in some cases it pays to have more than one set of hands. We will be utilising the time over the day to explore other ways to cover a lampshade and creative options to play with different shapes and sizes. We will also cover what to look for, what you will need and different sizes and configurations for different uses.

Workshop runs from 10am until 4pm

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This is our first offering of our new lampshade making workshop.

There are some specific requirements to be able to participate fully in this workshop, so please make sure you read the description.

The plan for the day is as follows;

  1. Recover an existing lampshade using cutting and sewing techniques. You will need to bring one with you. Types of shades include; drum, square, empire, scalloped edges and some other shapes by prior arrangement
  2. Create your own lampshade from scratch (this is an added cost as you will need to purchase a kit prior to class to be able to complete this part. I found them online but availability of the popular sizes may be difficult, so allow enough time. You could alternatively bring multiple shades to recover instead of making from new.


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