I am working on a concept chair. For you.

I am putting all my experience from the custom built manufacturing industry into piecing together an Australian made chair, that is damn good.

I am running some market research to clarify what you want.

The process of design is very exciting. As I work, I know what I want to achieve, I just don’t necessarily know what the dimensions will be, so I need somewhere to start.

Working from the ground up is the best place. So, what shapes are going to be involved? What materials will I use? Who am I making it for?

The best and most versatile materials for me to use are structural ply and MGP10 pine. The ply is used to create the shapes and profiles needed to provide design interest. The pine operates as the strength and reinforcement to allow full body weight and longevity of the product. No chipboard or MDF, no way.

To produce something that will stand the test of time, only the best materials can be used inside the chair, otherwise, it doesn’t matter how nice it looks, it won’t last. How many people purchase furniture knowing what is inside, under the pretty fabric? How many people expect to replace it in two to three years? I know two years goes by so quickly, you would blink and miss it. Furniture should be an investment and for the long term.

So as I build a range of furniture I am considering the sizes and proportions of who will want to sit in it, along with the grade of foams required to provide appropriate support for the long term.

Designing a chair
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We now have all the best ingredients of a chair, all we need to do now is select a fabric. Working with such a huge range of fabrics can be daunting. Luckily, it is quite hard to make a bad decision. We have the widest range of fabric compositions available. Any combination of polyester and cotton or linen would make a suitable choice. They will feel soft and cool and prove very hard wearing.

Imagine then, that the chair has one or two centimetres less seat depth, because that is what you need? What about a firmer grade of foam? What about red instead of blue?

This is the length we need to go to, to get a chair that fits you and not a mold of an “average” person.

So, I am looking forward to getting this in concrete and templated up so that I can produce your chair.

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