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Just for a moment, I dare you.

Creativity is something often left until we have time. If you were to look back over the last few months, how many opportunities have you had to express your creativity? We are so easily distracted and often trying to get the most out of everyday. I know, I do it. The...

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Fabric is a personal language

Some of you may have known me from my beginnings in teaching upholstery, some of you may not be all that aware of how I got into what I do. How did I know I was going to love upholstery? I didn't. It was as simple as having a break from uni. I was perusing the job...

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What is under the covers?

What are you sitting on? Do you know what is inside it? It looks fab from the outside and you may have paid a pretty penny for it, but do you really know how well it was made? I was recently browsing at leading furniture retailer, when after a couple of questions to...

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