About Upholstered Adelaide

Bec Trimmer

Owner, Director

Upholstered Adelaide specialises in furniture upholstery for both commercial and domestic customers. Rebecca Trimmer opened the business after returning to Adelaide and wanting to be able to offer something more than just simple re-upholstery.

Having completed her apprenticeship in Sydney, and gone on to train many apprentices under her, she gained a great many skills, and saw that there was a place for more women in the industry. By mixing all of those skills in together, the Upholstered workshops were developed, as an opportunity for women to try their hand at a new and satisfying skill.

Rebecca has a strong work ethic and she teaches her classes with a gentle patience, and steady guiding hand. Whilst  always ensuring that that the principles are understood, and the student is able to hone their skills.

Her eye for detail and love of fabrics ensures that any furniture restoration project is undertaken in a way that is sympathetic to the style of the piece, whilst updating it into the present in a seamless way.

Rebecca and Upholstered stands for authenticity, confidence, reliability, and doing things the right way.

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